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A dedicated recording studio in Melbourne for all audio projects.

Apart from the digital side of audio recording, D:Raf Recording Studios provides an inviting environment for all artist. The Studio is equipped with authentic and quality musical instruments, to achieve the sound you are after and enabling creativity. The Studio has a relaxed ambiance with generous space with fully equipped facilities for bands or solo artist. Package pricing suited to project requirements.


Mastering for CD, Radio & Digital Distribution.

The wealth of technical experience encountered at D:Raf Recording Studio is highlighted in the quality of sound produced on your latest project. Danny Rafael meticulously analyses and modifies tracks to sound perfect on all forms of media to guarantee customer satisfaction. As an extra feature D:Raf Recording Studios can distribute your latest hit on to various profitable websites such as; iTunes, Amazon music, Google Play and various other digital radio sites making your music profitable and heard by your fans. After every recording session at D:Raf Recording Studios, a CD of audio is provided for personal enjoyment or drafting purposes to ensure the artist receives the services and satisfaction they are entitled to.


Latest audio software for achieving all genre of music.

D:Raf Recording Studio prides itself on having the latest Digital Audio Software to produce the hit sound of today, but also capture the style of classic vintage songs. Predominantly using Propellerheads’ Reason, D:Raf Recording Studio has the latest instrument synthesizers, effects, and utilities to create an infinite quality of sounds for your palate. Matched with highly acclaimed audio hardware brands such as Alesis, Korg, Behringer, and M-Audio allowing creative flow and hands-on interactivity.


Convinently located in Caroline Springs close to all facilities.

Caroline Springs is the perfect hosting suburb for D:Raf Recording Studio, where parklands, and amazing waterways set a picturesque location for creativity or down time. Caroline springs is only 20 minutes from the city and has fast access to freeways. With access to public transport and shopping facilities, Caroline Springs also provides highly recommended hotels, bars and restaurants. Not only does Caroline Springs provide locations for leisure, but also recreation for those artist who love to maintain fit with gyms, running & cycling tracks, nature walks and exercise playground facilities.


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