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D:Raf Frequently Asked Questions.


This page is dedicated to common questions that new clients have before working in the studio with Danny Rafael, if this page was not helpful please message me with your query with the email link provided below

Do you remix and arrange cover songs?


Whether you’re after a classic or the latest song on the radio, D:Raf has you covered. When backing tracks are unobtainable or infringe on copyright, Danny Rafael can work out songs and arrangements to match, or even remix to suit your style.


Do you compose and produce original songs?


Composing and producing of original songs is Danny Rafael’s specialty.  At D:Raf recording studios we can help you perfect your original music to create your next hit song. At D:Raf Recording Studios the creativity never ends, we have pre-recorded original tracks awaiting your artistry. Danny Rafael has a bank of original songs and beats that can be used to pair with your lyrics or melody.


How do the royalties operate on D:Raf composed songs?


D:Raf studios is able to sell original songs rights to artists at an agreed price, however this may be at a premium, due to D:Raf Studios not being able to do further releases of the song.

Most prefer to provide a 10% royalty of the sales from the distrubuted music.  This method is usually the easiest for artist financially, and doesn't lock them in if the song doesn't reach the predicted expected sales.




Do you modify recordings for performances purposes?


Danny Rafael understands the pressures of getting the performance right for an artist and welcomes modifications sessions, editing tracks produced at the studio matching the needs of the performance. When you are looking for the wow-factor, D:Raf Recording Studio provides just this for all its artist.   Whether its your CD launch, end of year recital or warm up purposes, D:Raf Recording Studio delivers tracks that are authentic and highlight the performers true artistic expression and requirements for that special performance.

Many of the artist that have recorded at D:Raf Recording Studio would attest to the interest their tracks have achieved with other music industry enterprises, leading to greater avenues of success with their talent



Do you produce modified tracks for collaborations and remixing?


D:Raf Recording Studio welcomes collaborating with various other artist in getting the sound you require. This may lead to working with other music producers, musician, singers, rappers or DJs. It is great to open your track to new perspectives and achieve a hit that matches the taste of many genres of music. Danny Rafael’s creative passion also leads on to remixing many recorded tracks to various new forms of music like Dance, Hip-Hop, R&B, House, Acid Jazz, and many more styles that perspective fans could be after.


I'm Recording with D:Raf for the first time, what should I expect?


When recording at D:Raf Recording Studio, it is important to get a goodnights rest, warm up your voice and being realistic about the days outcome.   It is too often that I find myself with talented artist that have 10 songs they want to do in one session. I'm fast, but not that fast! Besides, your spending good money to walk out with the next hit and no regrets about forgetting this or that.

It is always a great idea to bring samples of the sound you're after. This may be a beat, an effect or an old recording you have done on your mobile phone. Many artist need to make sure if they bring loops and beats from the internet that they are truly royalty free. The last thing you want to do is have a hit, and need to pay someone else their deserving royalties.

I recommend starting from scratch, this is where I come in as a producer, and guide you on achieving the sound your after. There is nothing better than knowing that the song is completely original and is what you had in your head all along.



Please message me if this page has not answered concerns you may have with using D:Raf Recording Studio for your next recording project

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