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Decades of recording experience with vocalist and musicians.

Danny Rafael has established himself in the music industry as an accomplished musician, composer, vocalist, recording engineer and producer. Working with a variety of performers, Danny Rafael captures the sound the artist and their fans want to hear. Experienced in many genres of music, Danny Rafael has worked with a variety of artists that require authenticity and audio quality to achieve perfect results. Whether you are experienced with recording or it’s your first time, Danny Rafael makes the process enjoyable, efficient, collaborative and informative, keeping you in control of the decision making process.


At D:Raf Recording Studio, our first priority is getting the sound right the first time. 

Prepaid studio time pricing helps artists monitor their costs more effectively. ...Allowing artists to focus on their creativity and workflow. As a guide, booking studio time is sold in 4 hour blocks - which is $200 (for our entry level pricing). Depending on your level of organisation, most artists can usually complete a single within this basic hourly prepaid package. Upon completion of your single, you will receive (which is included in our hourly pricing) a fully audio mastered CD with additional backing and acapella tracks.


A clear choice in audio quality and professionalism.

Danny Rafael’s experience working with artist and the latest audio hardware and software, ensures you obtain a quality recording in a professional and time efficient manner. Danny Rafael also works within flexible working hours to suit many artist requirements which can be booked weekdays after 5pm and all day on weekends.


Take advantage of our studio packages.

Our prepaid 4 hour studio time certificates make great gift ideas for asipiring musicians and artists. Please contact us for further information or to pre-purchase studio time.

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